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Doelings $250+   

Bucklings $200+

wethers $150                                                                                                  


All goats can be registered with MGR. 

All kids come with registration papers, I do not register wethers unless asked.  I do allow new buyers to name their goats and I will register them with that name.  I do however require that I send in the registrations so all information is correct.  If it is done after the goats are picked up I can have the papers sent directly to buyers home and all they will have to do is transfer. All kids come wormed and have the CDT shots,  hoofs trimmed if needed and a bag of grain so you can switch them to your mix slowly.  I do not sell my goats as meat they are for pets or breeding only.

 We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.

A non refundable deposit will be needed to hold any goat until the age of weaning between the age of 8 weeks to 12 weeks. Beyond the 12 weeks there must be an agreement as to when you will be picking up the kid. I will always try to work with a buyer all i ask is you keep me updated as to when you will be picking up.

I do not accept checks on the day of pick-up so be prepared to pay in cash or money order.  I will give a receipt if asked. All goats are scrapie tagged before leaving the farm.                           No refunds after kid leaves the farm!

 Goats are a herd animal so please make sure they have a buddy.